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A family-based criminal group with international connections that laundered more than €45 million in Spain has been dismantled

Joint operation with the Tax Agency, National Police and Europol

  • The operation was carried out in the province of Valencia and resulted in the arrest of five people, from whom various documents, 16 properties, two vehicles, some €21,000 in cash and several objects and collections of high economic value were seized.

26 October 2021.- The Tax Agency, in a joint operation with the National Police and Europol, has arrested five people in the province of Valencia for allegedly belonging to a family-based criminal organisation that had laundered more than €45 million in Spain.

The investigations began in 2017, coordinated by the Public Prosecutor's Office against Corruption and Organised Crime and by the 20th Examining Magistrate Court of Valencia.

From the outset, investigators were able to establish the important commercial and financial relationship developed by a Spanish company run by a family-based criminal organisation.The commercial operations examined, based mainly on interior design and home decoration, were apparently priced well above market values, with the Spanish company lacking the personnel and infrastructure to match such a volume of business, and bringing large sums of money into the Spanish financial sector.The total amounted to more than €45 million.

In order to carry out these activities, the criminal organisation made certain disbursements to bank accounts in other countries that could be identified as possible payments of commissions to alleged fronts, as well as acquiring real estate in Spain in the name of other persons.

In order to conceal its extraordinary increase in assets, the organisation created a corporate structure to camouflage the final destination of its funds, although a large part of them were used to acquire numerous properties in the city of Valencia.

Due to the international connections of this criminal organisation, the investigation was supported by a specialist from the Anti-Corruption Group of Europol’s European Economic and Financial Crime Centre (EFECC), helping to work out any possible corruption links that may exist.

New arrests may still be made

So far, five Spanish nationals have been arrested for their alleged links to money laundering and membership in a criminal organisation, although future arrests are not ruled out.

As a result of the operational activities of the investigation, two search and entry procedures were carried out in the province of Valencia, resulting in the seizure of various documents, both in paper format and in electronic and digital format (various computers, tablets and mobile phones), which at first glance could provide evidence of the actual commission of the acts under investigation.The analysis could prove the existence of other possible crimes carried out by the dismantled criminal organisation.

Sixteen properties have been seized, almost all of them located in the province of Valencia, as well as two vehicles used by the organisation.In addition, 35 bank accounts in different financial institutions have been taken over and, during the police operation, some €21,000 in cash as well as several objects and collections of high economic value have been confiscated.

Film of the operation (go to the following website to download the video):