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Criminal group involved in maritime drug trafficking between Morocco and Spain broken up

Joint operation by the Tax Agency and the National Police

  • Four of the six arrested were caught transporting large quantities of hashish between the Moroccan town of El Jadida and the Cadiz municipality of La Línea de la Concepción.
  • In an attempt to escape, they threw the entire load into the sea, from where a total of 14 bundles containing 467 kilos of hashish were recovered.

22 July 2022.- Customs Surveillance officers from the Tax Agency, in a joint operation with agents from the National Police, have dismantled a criminal organisation by arresting six people allegedly involved in the trafficking of narcotic substances by sea.To do this, they used boats on which they had previously made double bottoms in which they hid the consignments of drugs.

The investigations began last October, when the Port Authority reported the presence of a vessel in the Cadiz town of La Línea de la Concepción, which had previously been involved in another operation against drug trafficking, when 2,800 kilos of hashish were seized.The notice stated that four people were on board, all of whom had previous drug trafficking convictions.

Surveillance and monitoring revealed that they were repairing the boat in order to travel to Morocco to obtain a shipment of hashish which they would then transport to the Spanish coast, from where they would later distribute it to other European countries.

At the head of the criminal organisation was a man who, in collusion with his partner, contributed to the repair of the boats using his own company, located in the municipality of San Roque.In addition, he was in charge of financing the aborted operation and giving instructions to the crew members, exercising an executive and commanding role over them.

The drugs were picked up after a first failed attempt.

Once the repairs had been completed, and following the instructions given by the leader, four of the suspects headed towards the Moroccan coast of El Jadida to load up with hashish.Further mechanical problems forced them to interrupt the operation and return to La Línea de la Concepción, where the organisation's leader took over the repairs.A month later, the four crew members set off again for El Jadida, where they were able to successfully load numerous bales of hashish.

When the vessel was about 50 miles off the Spanish coast, it was surprised by a Customs Surveillance patrol boat.At that point they attempted to flee by throwing the entire cargo overboard.Finally, the four crew members were arrested and a total of 14 bundles containing 467 kilos of hashish were recovered at sea.

The agents then carried out a search at the home of the leader of the organisation and another at his boat repair shop, seizing several mobile phones related to the investigation, bank cards and numerous documents.The four arrests were followed by the arrest of this man and his partner.

Film of the operation (go to the following website to download the video):