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A "drug boat" with 3,600 kilos of hashish was seized in an anti-drug operation on the Guadalquivir River

Joint operation of the Tax Agency and the National Police

  • Three of the boat's crew were arrested and a pistol and abundant ammunition were seized

November 17, 2022.- The Tax Agency and the National Police, in a joint operation, have seized 3,600 kilos of hashish that were transported in a semi-rigid boat when they were intended to be introduced through the Guadalquivir River, near the Sevillian town of Puebla del Río, and three of its crew have been arrested.

The investigation began based on information received by the intervening units that referred to the possible transit of illegal vessels through the different parts of the Guadalquivir River, which are normally used to stash hashish.

Both the Customs Surveillance officials of the Tax Agency and the agents of the Dos Hermanas National Police station decided to carry out the investigation jointly, in order to detect and prevent this type of illicit activities in the described area.

Control device

The operation began when the Customs Surveillance aerial observation facilities detected a semi-rigid boat about twelve meters in length and three outboard engines, which was sailing without lights on the Guadalquivir River, near the town of Isla Mayor. At that time, it was found that on board said vessel they were carrying a large quantity of bales of the type usually used to transport hashish.

Given these circumstances, a control device was established on the banks of the river through the action of a Customs Surveillance patrol boat to intercept the smuggling vessel.

Once the boat was intercepted on the bank of the Guadalquivir River near the town of Puebla del Río and the transported effects were verified, three of the occupants were arrested, despite their intention to flee and despite the great resistance they put up against the security agents. the National Police.

After a thorough search, a total of 101 bales of hashish were found, which weighed approximately 3,600 kilos. A 9-millimeter pistol with the serial number erased was also seized, ready to fire, as well as 374 cartridges.

All the seized effects and the detained persons were placed at the disposal of the Court of Instruction No. 2 of Coria del Río, and the head of said Court decreed the entry into prison of the three detainees.

The operation has been carried out by officials from the Customs Surveillance Service of the Tax Agency of the Seville and Cádiz units and the Dos Hermanas National Police station.

Filming of operation (to download the video you must enter the following web address):