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New Virtual Assistant of Renta on real estate

The "Virtual assistant for property income tax" has been incorporated as a virtual assistance tool for personal income tax.This tool, unlike the Informadores de Renta and Informadores de Actividades Económicas, offers the possibility of formulating questions using a free text in which, through specific phrases, the details of your query are described, which will be answered in a personalised way through the use of artificial intelligence.

The tool incorporates exclusively issues related to real estate, although the rest of the subjects that affect the tax will be incorporated successively.

The subjects that can be consulted are those relating to income derived from real estate depending on the use to which it is put, as a habitual residence, at the disposal of its owners, used for economic activity or rented property, including in the latter case all the possible types of rental.It also includes how to calculate and declare capital gains and losses derived from the transfer of real estate in its different lucrative and onerous modalities, as well as the special cases of the extinction of condominiums or dation in payment.Finally, deductions derived from the ownership or use of property are dealt with, such as deductions for the purchase of a principal residence, the deduction for renting and other deductions such as the recently incorporated deductions for energy efficiency works.

If queries were made on matters not related to real estate, the Assistant would respond by referring them to the Income and Economic Activities Informants, through whom these questions could be resolved.

As in the rest of the Virtual Assistance tools, if the answer obtained does not contain all the information requested, it will be possible to access the chat, which will be attended by a specialist from the Integrated Digital Administration (ADI).

Virtual Rental Assistant on real estate