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Renewal of the electronic certificate of the Tax Agency's electronic office

This renewal does not affect users of the Agency's electronic site, who can continue to access it as usual.

On 17 November 2022 the Tax Agency will proceed to renew the electronic certificate of the electronic office.

In the case of entities accessing from applications developed specifically to use the services of the Tax Agency it is necessary to confirm that their systems will support this new electronic certificate, as the Intermediate CA that signs the new electronic certificate of the electronic officechanges.To do so, they will need to review whether their systems rely on this new INTERMEDIA CA.

These Entrust AC ROOT and AC INTERMEDIA public keys are attached below so that they can be downloaded and configured if necessary.

  • Root Certification Authority (AC ROOT) of the certificate for the domain

  • Intermediate Certification Authority (AC INTERMEDIA) of the new certificate for the domain

The new e-Office certificate is also attached.