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Amendment of the XML import guide providing details of how to declare a customs storage declaration in box 40

Version 1.15 of the XML guide provides details of the specifics on how to declare, in box40, the MRN of a customs storage declaration.

In box 40, in the extended information, you will find the following details:

PreCau Format.
- RRRR is the customs area of the previous document,
- AAAA:year
- NNNNNNNNN is the registration number of the document.
- PPP is the document order item number.
CAU Format.
- AA:last two of the year.
- ES:fixed
- RRRR:customs area.
- D:fixed.
- NNNNNNN:registration number of the document.
- R:fixed.Import declaration only.H1, H2, H3, H4, H6 or I1
- d:control digit.