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700 kilos of hashish seized in the Huelva estuary

Joint operation of the Tax Agency and the Civil Guard

  • The drugs were transported in a semi-rigid boat.
  • The boat's crew fled, ramming the police boat on several occasions.

14 January 2023.- Customs Surveillance officers from the Tax Agency and agents from the Guardia Civil, in a joint operation, have seized 700 kilos of hashish in the Huelva estuary and arrested two people on suspicion of committing a crime against public health.

The operation was carried out on the morning of 9 January, when the Central Operations Centre became aware of the presence of a semi-rigid boat sailing from the Punta Umbría estuary towards the Huelva estuary, which could be loaded with drugs.Surveillance of the area had been initiated by officials of the Tax Agency and agents of the Guardia Civil the previous morning when, following investigations, the possible landing of the narcotics was discovered.

For this reason, once the boat was spotted, the Guardia Civil's provincial Maritime Service was notified to check the cargo it was carrying.Upon detecting the police presence, the boat's crew members fled, even ramming the police boat on several occasions.

Finally, the officers managed to board the vessel, reduce its occupants and seize its cargo.

Once in port and after unloading, 20 bales containing 700 kilos of hashish were counted.Two mobile phones and a GPS were also seized.

The detainees and the proceedings have been handed over to the competent judicial authority.

The operation involved officers from the Tax Agency's Customs Surveillance Unit, together with agents from the OCON-EDOA Anti-Drug Trafficking Unit and the Provincial Maritime Service of the Huelva Civil Guard Command.