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3,600 kilos of hashish hidden in a garage in Ayamonte (Huelva) seized

Joint operation by the Tax Agency and the Civil Guard

  • The person in possession of the goods has been arrested.
  • Investigators had previously detected the drugs being unloaded from a narco boat onto several 4x4 vehicles and activated a tracking device to identify the location where the goods were being stored.

10 November 2021.- The Tax Agency's Customs Surveillance team and the Civil Guard, as part of a joint operation, have seized 113 bundles of hashish weighing a total of more than 3,500 kilos. hidden inside a garage located in the Punta del Moral neighbourhood of Ayamonte (Huelva).

The events took place as part of an operation to control the coast of Huelva, undertaken by officers from Customs Surveillance and the OCON SUR unit of the Civil Guard, in response to the expected increase in the number of smugglers' boats attempting to introduce significant amounts of hashish onto the coast of Huelva.

The operation began when the technical resources deployed by both bodies detected the presence of a semi-rigid vessel unloading a large number of packages onto several 4x4 vehicles close to the CaƱo de Canela (Ayamonte).

At this time, a tracking device was activated by ground units from both police forces, leading to the identification of a garage, located in the neighbourhood of Punta del Moral, where the drugs that had been previously smuggled were believed to have been stashed.Having located the garage, officers opened it, as the garage door was not fully closed and its contents were visible.

When the occupants of the property became aware of the police presence, they fled the scene, jumping over the roof to an adjoining property, leaving only one person inside, who told the officers that he was the 'guard' or 'watchman' of the seized goods.The remaining individuals fled without their apprehension being possible.

Once the inside of the garage had been inspected, 113 burlap and raffia bundles were detected, containing around 3,600 kilos of hashish.Under the circumstances, the person tasked with guarding the property was arrested on suspicion of drug smuggling and offences against public health in the form of drug trafficking.

The facts under investigation were brought to the attention of the Court of First Instance and Instruction of Ayamonte on duty, which ordered the imprisonment of the person arrested.

Investigators continue efforts to try to identify the other people involved in the stash, and further arrests in the coming days have not been ruled out.

Film of the operation (go to the following website to download the video):