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What is Cl@ve Mobile?

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Cl@ve Mobile is the new electronic access system to public services that allows citizens to authenticate themselves in the procedure they are carrying out at the Electronic Headquarters. To use Cl@ve Mobile you will have to have the Cl@ve APP installed. The system offers the novelty of allowing the scanning of a QR code, which prevents the user from having to enter their identification data on the access screen. If you cannot scan the QR code, you can confirm the authentication request that will be sent to the APP Cl@ve .

Additionally, if you do not have the Cl@ve APP installed, during authentication you will be offered to use Cl@ve PIN to obtain your PIN.

To use the services of this mobile application it is necessary to be registered in the Cl@ve system.

What is a digital certificate?

The electronic certificate is a digital signature installed on your browser to verify your identity online. It allows you to manage your procedures from your computer, mobile device or tablet at our E-Office, and on online platforms of other institutions that have this system enabled.

The electronic DNI also allows you to identify yourself to carry out online transactions.

What is the reference number?

The reference number allows you to manage all the services of the Income Tax filing season, from viewing your tax details and your tax return draft, to its subsequent processing, regardless of the result.

What is eIDAS?

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If you are a citizen of the European Union, you can identify yourself at the electronic headquarters of the AEAT and other public administrations using the identification of another country.

What is identification by number of DNI / NIE and contrast information?

There are procedures in the electronic headquarters of the Tax Agency that allow you to identify yourself with your DNI or NIE number and with additional contrast information.

Obtain reference number with DNI / NIE and exercise box

You can obtain your reference number for the Income Tax by entering your DNI or NIE and box 505 of the 2022 Income Tax.

What is CSV ?

At the electronic headquarters of the Tax Agency you can carry out some procedures related to a file without having to identify yourself and entering a contrast information, such as a CSV if you have received a notification/communication or the code of file.