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More than a tonne of cocaine intercepted at the port of Barcelona disguised in a shipment of cocoa

Joint operation of the Tax Agency and the Civil Guard

  • The 1,340 kilos of cocaine were hidden inside sacks of cocoa powder placed in the deepest part of four containers under the 'blind hook' method in a shipment from Ecuador.
  • The swift action of investigators prevented the circulation of this large quantity of cocaine, which would have had a major economic and public health impact.

31 January 2023.- Members of the Customs Surveillance Service of the Tax Agency and the Civil Guard have seized 1,340 kilos of cocaine at the Port of Barcelona, which was concealed in sacks of cocoa powder in a shipment from Ecuador.

The seizure occurred when the agents became aware of the existence of a criminal organisation dedicated to smuggling cocaine hidden in containers of goods into Spain through the port of Barcelona using the 'blind hook' method.

Investigations revealed that a merchant ship from Guayaquil (Ecuador) bound for the port of Barcelona was carrying containers likely to have drugs concealed inside them.

Once in Barcelona, the agents searched the containers whose legal merchandise was cocoa powder and discovered 1,340 kilos of cocaine hidden inside.

The investigation is still ongoing and work is continuing to locate the persons responsible for both sending and receiving the drugs.

The intervention was carried out by members of the Regional Operational Unit of the Customs Surveillance of Barcelona and the Judicial Police Unit of the Guardia Civil of the Catalonia Area.

Film of the operation (go to the following website to download the video):