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The Tax Agency includes virtual assistance in the control of Personal Income Tax with the roll out of the ADI in Vigo

Expansion of taxpayer assistance services

  • The new Integrated Digital Administration (ADI) in Vigo brings the number of specialist civil servants attending taxpayers from across Spain online to more than 150, with this figure due to rise to over 300 when the roll out is complete in 2023.
  • ADI users benefit from longer opening hours and avoid having to travel to traditional offices, which in any case maintain the same face-to-face assistance services as in the past.
  • Taxpayers who receive an income tax return containing the ADI telephone number can contact the ADI to clarify any queries, confirm their agreement or request assistance in making objections more quickly than would be the case face-to-face.
  • At the same time, a simplified procedure has been set up on the Agency's website to speed up compliance with any proposed reduction in personal income tax refunds, allowing taxpayers to receive the refund they are entitled to sooner.

25 November 2021.- The Tax Agency has launched the new Integrated Digital Administration (ADI) in Vigo, which launches with more than 80 specialist civil servants providing online assistance to taxpayers across Spain.This represents a continuation of the expansion in personal assistance services other than face-to-face assistance, promoted as part of the Agency's 2020-2023 Strategic Plan and included in Component 27 of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

The new ADI office extends the range of personalised, non-face-to-face assistance launched in autumn 2020 as part of the ADI pilot test in Valencia, with further new offices due to be added, meaning that there will be more than 300 staff providing the service when the roll out is complete in 2023.

There are currently more than 150 civil servants who make up the staff of this multi-channel “virtual counter” which, for a wide variety of procedures and queries, offers users longer opening hours and avoids having to travel to traditional offices, which in any case maintain the same face-to-face assistance services as in the past.

New ADI service for assistance verifying personal income tax

The new ADI in Vigo will expand the capacity to provide information and assistance services in relation to VAT, the tax register, modules and certain customs procedures that, among others, the ADI in Valencia has been offering; however, this office located in Galicia will also provide a new assistance service for taxpayers to control personal income tax to resolve any queries, confirm acceptance or request assistance in preparing objections to settlement proposals, all in a quick and simple manner.

During the first phase, taxpayers entitled to receive this assistance from the ADI will be those who receive a proposed reduction of the refund they had requested when filing their income tax return, provided that the tax contingency in question is related only to earned income, to the application of the most common deductions (purchase of a home, maternity, childcare and donations) or to pension plans.

In these cases, whether the check on the refund requested results in the refund of a lower amount, or it results in a tax to be paid, the letter received by the taxpayer includes a telephone number to obtain assistance from the ADI on the spot.The Agency monitors the service, which is now available and has received very positive initial feedback from users.

Additional improvements:Online acceptance and content summary

At the same time as the implementation of this service by the ADI, the electronic procedures have been simplified and streamlined for all taxpayers who receive a notification of a reduction in their personal income tax refund, regardless of whether they can be assisted over the phone or not by the ADI itself.

The option of accepting the proposed settlement on the Agency's website in a more direct, quicker manner than was previously the case has been made available to these taxpayers, using the address indicated in the letter received by the taxpayer.To access this online acceptance service, the same identification is required as for the income website (password, digital certificate or reference).

Up until now, taxpayers who intended on agreeing to the proposed settlement could either go to the office in person and confirm their acceptance in the register, or agree electronically by introducing an online register or by using the CSV code contained in the letter received.In the latter two cases, access is slower and more indirect, although these channels are still available.

Another new development implemented as a result of the launch of the ADI service for checking Income Tax, and with the same aim of facilitating, simplifying and improving assistance, has been the inclusion of a summary of the contents at the start of the letter received by the taxpayer.This summary provides a simple, concise indication of the content in the proposal submitted and provides the taxpayer with the different ways of making contact.