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Form 100. 2019 Personal Income Tax return

6,1 Incorporation of tax data

Incorporation of tax data

 The performance of an Income Tax return through the Renta Web is based on the existence of a file of tax and personal data. You can only generate a tax return as the holder of the tax return when we have a DFP or DF file of tax data in another case you will not be able to generate a tax return. If we do not have all the account holders'files, an individual tax return will be generated. To download the tax data file, you need to connect to the Internet and have: 

  • Electronic ID Card or electronic signature certificate accepted by the Tax Agency (for example, that issued by the FNMT) 

  • Password via previous registration (Cl@ve PIN) 

  • Of the reference number of any of the tax products issued by the Tax Agency for the 2019 financial year (for example, the draft or tax details).

 This procedure concludes with the download of a DFP or DF file containing the tax information and the taxpayer's personal data available at that time. It should be taken into account that this information is regularly updated so it could vary throughout the campaign.

 Once you have applied your personal data and the taxpayer's family situation has been determined, you can access the tax return. As a general rule, all tax data must be included in the tax return, but certain characteristics allow them to be grouped into three types of data that require different processing:

 Data directly transferable. These are those that do not require any supplementary information to be included in the tax return, which are automatically added.

 Data that need to be accompanied by some kind of supplementary information without which they cannot be automatically incorporated into the tax return, in this case the following message will be displayed that warns of the existence of this type of data:

Warning message on the request for additional information for the transfer of tax data

 The list of possible tax data items to be included will then appear, and you must indicate whether you wish to add the item to the tax return, if you choose not to add the tax data, you will have to fill it in manually in the tax return.

 Screen for selecting tax data, whether or not

 Data that, due to their nature, are not directly transferable. These details are simply informative and cannot be transferred automatically to the tax return. a message will be displayed in the incorporation notes.

 Once completed, a list appears with the concepts added and another with those not included. This list can be viewed whenever you want from the menu Ver- > Tax Details added.