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Form 100. 2019 Personal Income Tax return

7,2,3,1. Interest on accounts and deposits and financial assets in general.

Full income

This section shall include the consideration, whatever its name or nature, derived from accounts and deposits in all types of financial institutions, including those based on operations on financial assets.

This section also shows the explicit interests obtained from any kind of asset representative of the acquisition and use of external capital.

If the return has been received in kind, the market value of the goods or services received must be counted as a full income. The payment on account will be added to this value, unless the amount of the deposit has been passed on to the recipient of the income.

When the returns come from loans made to companies linked to the taxpayer, they must be included in the general tax base, the interest corresponding to the excess of the amount of the capital transferred to the entity with regard to the result of multiplying own funds by 3 in the part corresponding to the taxpayer's participation in the latter. 


In this section, the withholdings made or payments on account made on accrued income will also be indicated and will be transferred by the programme to box 0597 on page 22 of the tax return.

Deductible expenses (Article 26,1 of the Act)

  • Interest on accounts and deposits:

    Under no circumstances can deductible expenses be calculated with regard to these incomes.

  • Interest on financial assets:

    Deductible expenses shall be charged exclusively to the administration and deposit of marketable securities.