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Form 100. 2019 Personal Income Tax return

7.3.1. Imputation of real estate income. Cases in which the allocation is applicable

Real estate owners or holders of real rights of use or enjoyment that fall on them must be taxed in the following circumstances:

  1. That they are considered urban real estate in accordance with article 7 of the revised text of the Property Registry Act or that they are rural properties with constructions that are not essential for the development of agricultural, livestock or forestry holdings.

  2. That are not related to economic activities

  3. That the properties do not generate returns on the capital; In other words, they are not leased or any other transfer of use has taken place by price.

However, the following properties do not apply to the allocation:

  • The main home.

  • The unbuilt land.

  • Properties under construction.

  • Properties that are not subject to use for urban reasons.