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Form 100. 2019 Personal Income Tax return

7,4,4,11. Reduction of non-exempt income below 12,000 euros

Taxpayers with income not exempt from tax, including those of economic activity, will be able to reduce the net return on economic activities in the following amounts: 12.000

  • Taxpayers with non-exempt income equal to or less than 8,000 euros per year: 1,620 Euros per year.

  • Taxpayers with non-exempt income between 8,000.01 and 12,000 euros per year: 1,620 Euros-[0.405 x (Annuities-8,000 euros)]


This reduction has as a limit the amount of the income from the economic activities of taxpayers that generate the right to apply it.


This reduction is unique for all economic activities carried out, regardless of the method by which the net yield is determined, so if several are carried out, the amount must be distributed proportionally among all of them.

This reduction is not applicable to determine the net yield of the economic activities of entities in the income allocation system.

In joint taxation, this reduction is unique for the tax return as a whole and will be calculated taking into account the income of the family unit, without the amount being higher than the net yield of the economic activities of the members of the family unit who individually meet the aforementioned requirements. However, in this case, the amount of the reduction cannot be higher than the net return of the spouse's activities that has chosen to apply the reduction

As a result of the application of this reduction, the resulting balance cannot be negative.