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Form 100. Personal Income Tax Declaration 2019 Deduction for international double taxation (international tax transparency scheme)

Tax or levies paid abroad on account of dividend distribution or profit sharing shall be deductible from the tax liability, provided they comply with an agreement to avoid double taxation or are in accordance with the country or territory's own legislation in the portion corresponding to earnings included in the gross tax base.

This deduction shall be made even when the tax corresponds to tax periods other than the one in which the inclusion was made.

Under no circumstances deductions be applicable in the case of tax paid in countries or territories officially classified as tax havens.

This deduction must not exceed the gross tax payable that would be applicable in Spain on account of the income included in the gross tax base. This limit is not controlled by the programme. Therefore, you must state the amount of the taxes deductible on an individual and joint taxation basis, in the event that the deductible amount were different in each case.

The amount of the deduction for international double taxation must be entered in box 0589 on page 22 of the declaration.