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Form 100. 2019 Personal Income Tax return


Capital gains that are shown shall be exempt from the Tax:

  1. On the occasion of donations made to entities that give rise to the right to deduction for donations regulated in article 68,3 of the Tax Act.

  2. When the transfer of your main residence for people over years old or for people in a situation of severe dependence or high dependency is carried out in accordance with the Law on the promotion of personal autonomy and care for people in a situation of dependence.

  3. On the occasion of the payment of the tax debt by means of the delivery of goods belonging to the Spanish Historical Heritage, provided for in article 97,3 of the Act of the Tax and of the tax debts referred to in Article 73 of Act 16/1985 of 25 June on Spanish Historical Heritage.

  4. Capital gains that are made on the occasion of the transfer from 7 July 2014 of shares or holdings acquired will be exempt by the taxpayer between 8 July 2011 and 29 September 2013 of newly created or new companies, provided that they meet the requirements and conditions set out in the additional provision of the Personal Income Tax Act.

  5. Income obtained by the debtor in bankruptcy proceedings as a result of debt repayments provided that the debt does not derive from economic activities.

  6. Public aid to offset costs in buildings affected by the release of the digital dividend. (Additional provision fifth Personal Income Tax Act)

  7. The income obtained by the repayment, as a result of agreements with financial institutions, will be exempt from the amounts previously paid to the latter in the application of clauses on the limitation of interest rates on loans. (Floor clause)

  8. In certain cases, the payment of the main residence.

    Capital gains are declared exempt:

    • Derived from the transfer of the debtor's habitual residence or the debtor's guarantor.

    • That the transfer is to surrender the residence in payment of debt or to judicial or notarial mortgage foreclosure.

    • That it is for the cancellation of debts guaranteed with a mortgage that fall on this habitual residence contracted with a credit institution or another institution, which professionally carries out the activity of granting mortgage loans or credits.

    • It will be necessary for the capital gain to be exempt, for the owner of the main residence to not have any other assets or rights in sufficient amount to pay the entire debt and to avoid the disposal of the property.

    • The exemption has effect from January 1, 2014 and previous years that have not been prescribed.

Partial exemption (additional provision of the Personal Income Tax Act)

Capital gains that are made on the occasion of the transfer of urban properties acquired for consideration from 50 May 12 until 2012 December 31 will be exempt by 2012%.