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Form 369. VAT. Special procedures applicable to the provision of services and distance sales of goods.

2. Year and period

  • Record the year and period (January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December).

  • Fill in the dates: Date from Date to                          

    corresponding to the declared period, when this does not correspond to a calendar month only when as a consequence of having changed the MS of identification in month (continuing to apply the import regime but in a State of different identification), must submit more than one VAT return for that month (declaring the part of the VAT accrued before the change in the initial Identification State and the VAT for the rest of the month in the new Identification Status). For these purposes :

    1. If the new EM of identification is Spain, having communicated in the census registration form (form 035) a “Change of country of identification”. If the date of the change (due to transfer of headquarters or closure of the permanent establishment) is different from the first day of a calendar quarter, you must record that date in “Date from”.

      In this case, in “Date until” you must indicate the last day of that month.

    2. If the initial identification EM was Spain and you request the withdrawal (through the 035 cessation) due to a change of identification EM, the effective date of the withdrawal from the special regime in Spain being different from the first day of a calendar month for the following reasons:

      • “Change of Member State of identification due to cessation of permanent establishment in Spain”

      • “Change of Member State of identification due to transfer of headquarters to another EU State”

      The “Date until” will correspond to the effective date of the withdrawal in Spain from the import regime.

      In this case, in “Date since” you must indicate the first day of that month.

  • Complete “Declaration without activity” when for the period subject to declaration the businessman or professional has not carried out operations subject to this special regime, nor must he make any correction of VAT amounts declared in M369 from previous months.