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2018 Wealth Tax

2,2 Keys


Address type:

"20" .- Tax address in Spanish territory

"21" .- Tax address abroad

. Land registry of properties. 2.-Información  

Type of good:





"V" .- Residential

"I" .- Industrial




"T" .- Other

"G" .- Other

"And" Other




"P"-Single building

"B"-Agricultural warehouse

"J" .- Agricultural Industrial


".-" (In any other case)

Warehouse classification (key A):

"1" .- Residential garage

"2" .- Industrial

"3" .- Residential storage room

Revised cadastral value mark:



Legal Code:



"CA"-Administrative concession

"DS"-Surface right

"NP"-Nuda propiedad


User Mark:

"H"-Main residence


"C"-Normal and Leased

"D" .- Home made available to the previous spouse

"E"-Primary residence available to the previous spouse and leased

"O" .- (blank)


"1" .- Property in common territory
"2" .- Property in the Basque Country
"3" .- Property in Navarre
"4" .- Property without a land registry reference