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2018 Wealth Tax

3,7,2. Filing method

Taxpayers of Wealth Tax must file the tax return online of the tax return corresponding to this tax (form 714) .

 Electronic filing via Internet

The Wealth Tax return will be filed electronically online, in accordance with the provisions of the sections a) and c) of Article 2 of Order HAP/2194/2013 of 22 November, which regulate the procedures and general conditions for filing certain self-assessments, informative tax returns, census declarations, communications and requests for refunds, of a tax nature, should be taken into account as follows:

  • Wealth Tax self-assessments must be carried out from the form 714 website, which you can access using the option "Wealth Tax return processing service," available in the E-Office of the Tax Agency, at
  • Online filing can be done using the following electronic identification, authentication and signature systems: Electronic certificate recognised issued in accordance with Article 2.a). 1 of Order HAP/2194/2013 , of 22 November also by the Cl@ve PIN system in accordance with the provisions of Article 2.a). 2 of Order HAP/2194/2013 of 22 November.

Finally, as in previous years, they may be filed electronically online by means of the Tax Identification Number (NIF) of the taxpayer or taxpayers, and the number or reference numbers made available to the taxpayer by the Tax Agency.