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2018 Wealth Tax

4.1.6. Current address

First, you must distinguish whether you live in Spanish territory or not.

The details relating to the address in Spanish territory must be filled in by the taxpayer through the capture window that opens in the box "type of public road," in which the following information must be entered:

  • Type of public road: The name corresponding to the type or class of public road shall be entered; Street, square, avenue, roundabout, walk, road, descent, slope, promenade, passage, etc.
  • Name of the Public Road: The full name of the public road corresponding to the address shall be recorded with the utmost precision.
  • Type of numbering: Please enter the type of numbering; Number (NÚM), kilometer (KM), without number (S/N), Other (OTR), etc.
  • Number:  You must enter the number of the house or, if applicable, the kilometre point.
  • Number gauge: If applicable, enter the details that complete the number of the house; Bis, duplicate (DUP), modern (MOD), old (ANT), etc., or the kilometre point (metres).
  • Block, portal, staircase, floor, door.
  • Additional details of the address: Where applicable, the additional data necessary for the complete identification of the address, such as: Residential complex, building, residential complex; Industrial estate, etc.
  • Town/City: It must be entered if its name is different from that of the municipality.
  • Province: Select from the list that is displayed in this box.
  • Postcode: The postal code assigned to the public address will be indicated.
  • Municipality: The specific municipality where the address is located will be entered, either directly or by selecting it from the list that is displayed in this box.
  • Telephone numbers: In order to expedite the resolution of any incidents that may arise in the processing of the tax return, you can provide a fixed telephone number (including the prefix) in which it can be more easily located in working days and hours. You can also provide your mobile phone number and, if applicable, the FAX number.

Residents abroad

 You must enter all the details of your residence, as well as indicate the country code, also indicating whether your address is located in a country belonging to the European Union or others. 

The program opens a drop-down menu with all the possible countries, when any of them is checked, the two-digit alphabetical code of the country or the territory in question is automatically entered.