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2018 Wealth Tax

4.2.5. E) Deposits in bank accounts

This section will include deposits in current or savings accounts, demand or term, that are not on behalf of third parties, as well as treasury management accounts and financial accounts and any other type of account deposit, whose ownership corresponds, individually or jointly, to the taxpayer.

In the event that there are several account holders, each of them will be charged equally, unless a different participation fee is justified.

Rules of assessment

The valuation will be carried out by the balance that each of them shows on the date of accrual of the Tax, that is, December 31, unless it is lower than the average balance corresponding to the last quarter of the year, in which case this will be applied. last.

To calculate said average balance, funds withdrawn for the acquisition of assets and rights that appear in the assets or for the cancellation or reduction of debts will not be counted.

When the amount of a debt originated by a loan or credit has been deposited in the last quarter of the year in any of these accounts, it will not be computed to determine the average balance and will not be deducted as such debt.


With respect to each of the accounts, deposits or impositions, the Deposit Entity in which they are located on the date of accrual of the Tax (December 31) will be stated, as well as the account or deposit number.