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Economic Activities Manual. Fiscal duties of employers and resident professionals in Spanish territory

8.2 Annual declaration of operations with third parties. Form 347

Entrepreneurs and professionals who carry out economic activities are required to present form 347 , when with respect to another person or entity they have carried out operations that together have exceeded the figure of €3,005.06 ( VAT included) in the calendar year to which the declaration refers. Social entities or establishments and communities of owners are also obligated for the acquisition of goods and services that they carry out outside of a business or professional activity when their amount has exceeded €3,005.06 (excluding supply of water, electricity, fuel and insurance).

They are not required to present form 347 :

  • Individuals and entities attributable to income in the Income Tax , for activities that are taxed in the Personal Income Tax in objective estimation and, simultaneously, in the VAT for the simplified special regimes or for agriculture, livestock and fishing or the equivalence surcharge, except for operations for which an invoice is issued.

    However, taxable persons covered by the simplified regime of VAT must include in model 347 the acquisitions of goods and services that are the subject of annotation in your record book of invoices received.

  • Those who have not carried out transactions that, as a whole, with respect to another person or entity, have exceeded the figure of €3,005.06 during the calendar year or €300.51 during the same period, when, in the latter case, they carry out the collection on behalf of third parties of professional fees or intellectual, industrial or author property rights or others on behalf of its partners, associates or collegiate members.

  • Those who have exclusively carried out operations not subject to the duty of declaration.

  • Those who must report on the operations included in the VAT record books.

  • Those who carry out business or professional activities in Spain without having the headquarters of their economic activity, a permanent establishment or their tax domicile in Spanish territory or, in the case of entities under the regime of attribution of income incorporated abroad, without having a presence in the territory. Spanish.

  • Those who are required to keep the VAT Registration Books through the electronic headquarters of the AEAT through the Immediate Supply of Information (SII). Therefore, they will not present Form 347 for fiscal year 2017 and subsequent years.

The model 347 will be presented in February in relation to the operations carried out in the previous year.

The model 347 will be submitted online with an electronic certificate (mandatory for public limited companies, large companies and members of the DCGC and Public Administrations), or also with Cl@ve for individuals.