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Practical Income Manual 2020.

B) Benefits in the form of capital derived from public social security regimes

Regulations: Art. 18.3 Law Personal Income Tax and 12.3 Regulations

Taxpayers may apply a reduction of 30 per 100 on the following benefits, provided that they are received in the form of capital, consist of a perception of single payment and more than two years have passed since the first contribution . The two-year period is not applicable in the case of disability benefits:

  1. The pensions and passive assets received from the public Social Security and Passive Class regimes and other public benefits not exempt due to situations of disability, retirement, accident, illness, widowhood or similar .
  2. The benefits received by the beneficiaries of mandatory general mutual societies for civil servants, orphan schools and other similar entities .

In the case of mixed benefits, which combine income of any type with a single payment in the form of capital, the aforementioned reduction will only be applicable to the payment made in the form of capital.