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Practical Income Manual 2021.

IAE heading: 644.2 - Shipments of bread, special breads and pastries

ModuleDefinitionUnitAnnual yield per unit (euros)
1 Salaried manufacturing staff Person 6,134.85
2 Rest of salaried personnel Person 1,039.27
3 Non-salaried Staff Person 14,266.34
4 Surface area of the manufacturing facility m2 48.50
5 Rest of independent local surface m2 33.38
6 Rest of non-independent local area m2 125.97
7 Oven surface 100 dm2 629.86
NOTE: The net income resulting from the application of the previous signs or modules includes, where applicable, that derived from the commercialization of lotteries, provided that this activity is carried out as an accessory to the main activity.
Amount for the purposes of the excess correction index: 42,925.01 euros