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Practical Income Manual 2021.

Keys to economic activities in personal income tax

Currently, the nomenclature that taxpayers must use to determine their type of economic activity varies from one tax return to another. Thus, in the personal income tax declaration of other years, the classification of these activities took into account the tax treatment that corresponded to each one based on their subjection to withholding or payment on account or the accounting and registration obligations borne by the owners of said activities. activities, and differed from that offered, for example, in the Value Added Tax declarations or in the census declaration of registration in the census of professional businessmen and withholders, so that the same activity was recorded differently depending on the declaration. tax in question.

In order to harmonize the nomenclature used for these purposes in completing the different tax returns, and thus responding to the request repeatedly made by the group of taxpayers holding economic activities, a new one has been implemented in the 2021 personal income tax return. codification of the same with the objective of progressively extending it to other tax declarations.

From this last perspective, the declaration model distinguishes the following types and keys of economic activities in direct estimation: 

PasswordType of activity
A01 Urban real estate lessors
A02 Independent livestock
A03 Rest of business activities not included in other sections
A04 Professional activities of an artistic or sporting nature
A05 Rest of professional activities
B01 Agricultural activity

Dependent livestock activity

B03 Forestry activity
B04 Punting mussel production
B05 Fishing activity, except production of mussels in rafts