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Practical Income Manual 2021.

Help services 2021 Income Campaign

The State Tax Administration Agency makes the following help services available to taxpayers in the 2021 Income Campaign:

INCOME INFORMATION . Telephone 901 33 55 33 or 91 554 87 70 , from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday to Friday . To clarify any doubts that completing your Income Tax return may raise.

PREVIOUS APPOINTMENT FOR RENT . The prior appointment can have two purposes:

  • In-person attention in offices: This service allows you to obtain the place, day and time to prepare the IRPF declaration at the offices and can be requested through:

    Telephone 901 22 33 44 or 91 553 00 71 . For the schedule you can consult the Tax Agency website.

    Internet at address

    “Tax Agency” App .

    Note: The deadline to make an appointment for in-person care will be from May 26 to June 29, 2022.

  • Preparation of declarations by telephone: Plan "We will call you" this service allows the taxpayer to request the day and time in which they want the Tax Agency to contact them by telephone to prepare and present your income tax return. You can make your appointment in one of the following ways:

    Telephone 901 22 33 44 or 91 553 00 71 –personalized attention. For the schedule, consult the Tax Agency's website.

    Telephone 901 12 12 24 or 91 535 73 26 –automatic– .

    Internet at address

    “Tax Agency” App .

    Note: The deadline to make an appointment for the "We Call You" Plan will be from May 3 to June 29, 2022.

APP. MOBILE APPLICATION "TAX AGENCY " from a mobile device and downloading the “Tax Agency” application for free, available in the Google (Play Store) and Apple (App Store) markets for operating systems Android and iOS respectively, the taxpayer will have direct access to various procedures and the Income WEB application to generate and present their 2021 Income tax return.

WEB RENT: on the Tax Agency portal, accessing "Renta 2021" the taxpayer can consult general information, and, by accessing the "Draft/declaration processing service (WEB Income)", you will be able to obtain your draft declaration, modify and/or confirm it as well as complete and carry out the electronic submission of the self-assessment.

To access this service, you need an electronic certificate or electronic DNI , Cl@ve PIN or the reference number that the taxpayer will have to previously request in the RENØ Service or obtain it through the mobile application (app) of the Tax Agency.

The Autonomous Communities and Cities with Statute of Autonomy, in the exercise of their fiscal co-responsibility, collaborate with the State Tax Administration Agency in the 2021 Income Campaign in the preparation of declarations, as well as in the modification and confirmation of draft declarations.