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Practical Income Manual 2021.

Example 3: Determination of the amount of gain not derived from the transfer of assets

In May 2021 Mr. PAG In a television contest, he won a prize consisting of an apartment on the beach, the acquisition cost of which for the entity granting the prize, which coincides with its market value, amounted to 60,000 euros. The expenses inherent to the acquisition paid by Mr. PAG It was 5,700 euros.

Determine the amount of the computable capital gain.


Valuation (market value) = 60,000

Login to account = 13,680 (1)

Capital gain (60,000 + 13,680) = 73,680

Notes to the example:

(1) The payment on account made by the entity granting the prize has been determined based on the acquisition cost increased by 20 percent and applying the percentage of 19 percent (in force in 2021) to it. That is to say: 19% s/(60,000 x 1.2) = 13,680 euros. This last amount may be deducted by the taxpayer in their declaration along with the remaining withholdings and payments on account made. (Back)