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Practical Income Manual 2021.

Allocation of capital gains and losses produced in years prior to 2021

Regulations: Articles 45 and 46 Law Personal Income Tax

The imputation of capital gains or losses produced in years prior to 2021 will be carried out in the current year in accordance with the following rules:

a) Gains and losses derived from transfers of assets made in installments or with a deferred price .

Whatever the period of generation of the capital gain or loss produced in previous years by installment transactions or with a deferred price whose collection occurs, in whole or in part, in fiscal year 2021, the imputation is made to the tax base of the savings. For this purpose, section F2 of the declaration will be completed.

b) Capital gains and losses not derived from transfers of assets.

The imputation that should be made to this year will be made in the general tax base, completing for this purpose the boxes in section F1 of the declaration, as appropriate.

As examples of the aforementioned capital gains, prizes whose collection is made in installments can be mentioned, as well as the public aid mentioned above that is subject to imputation in quarters in the tax period in which they are obtained and in the following three.