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Practical Income Manual 2021.

Summary tables of components of general income and savings income

Components of general income


Income imputations

Capital gains and losses
Earned income Imputed real estate income. Capital gains and losses not derived from the transfer of assets.
Returns on capital assets International tax transparency.

Income from movable capital provided for in article 25.4 Law of Personal Income Tax . Among others, those derived from:

  • Intellectual and industrial property.
  • Provision of technical assistance.
  • Leasing of personal property, businesses or mines and subleases.
  • Transfer of the right to exploit the image.
Transfer of image rights.
Returns from economic activities. Collective Investment Institutions in tax havens.
Imputations of AIE's and UTE's .

Components of savings income

YieldsCapital gains and losses
Income from movable capital (Art. 25.1, 2 and 3 Personal Income Tax Law) derived from: Participation in the own funds of entities. Capital gains and losses derived from the transfer of assets.

Transfer of own capital to third parties (*)

Capitalization operations
Life or disability insurance contracts.
Income that is caused by the imposition of capital.

(*) Except for the excess of the amount of own capital transferred to a related entity with respect to the result of multiplying the own funds by three, in the part that corresponds to the taxpayer's participation, of the latter. For the purposes of computing said excess, the amount of the related entity's own funds reflected in the balance sheet corresponding to the last fiscal year closed prior to the date of accrual of the Tax and the percentage of participation of the taxpayer existing on said date will be taken into consideration. . See this assumption in Chapter 5. (Back)