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Practical Income Manual 2021.

By birth or adoption of children

Regulations: Art. 8 Text Recast of the provisions issued by the Autonomous Community of Andalusia regarding transferred taxes, approved by Legislative Decree 1/2018, of June 19.

Deduction amounts

  • 50 euros for each child born or adopted in the tax period in which the birth or adoption occurs.

    The cohabitation of the parent on the date of tax accrual with the born or adopted child is not a mandatory requirement for the application of the deduction for the birth or adoption of children, so it could be applied, even if the child did not live with the taxpayer. on that date (for example, due to parental separation or divorce).

    The deduction for the birth or adoption of children is applicable for the simple and mere fact of the birth or adoption of children in the year, so the subsequent death of the child in the tax period does not prevent the application of the deduction.

  • Deduction increase: In the case of multiple births or adoptions, the corresponding amount of the deduction will increase by 50 euros for each child .

    This increase of 50 euros for each child in the case of multiple birth or adoption will apply, even if one of them had died during the year.

Requirements and other conditions for the application of the deduction

  • That the sum of the general tax bases and the taxpayer's savings , boxes [0435] and [0460] of the declaration, does not exceed the following amounts :

    • - 19,000 euros in individual taxation.

    • - 24,000 euros in joint taxation.
  • When there are two taxpayers who have the right to apply the deduction, its amount will be distributed equally .

    However, if one of the parents or adopters cannot apply the deduction because it exceeds the tax bases established for this purpose, the other may apply the total amount of the deduction.


This deduction is not compatible with the application of the regional deduction “For adoption of children internationally.”