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Practical Income Manual 2021.

Autonomous Community of Cantabria

Taxpayers who in 2021 had their habitual residence in the territory of the Autonomous Community of Cantabria may apply the following regional deductions:

  1. For rental of habitual residence by young people, the elderly and people with disabilities
  2. For family care
  3. For improvement works
  4. By donations to foundations or to the Cantabria Coopera Fund or to Associations that pursue support for people with disabilities among their purposes.
  5. For foster care of minors
  6. By investment in the acquisition of shares and social participations of new or recently created entities
  7. For illness expenses
  8. For daycare expenses
  9. For single parent families
  10. For birth or adoption of a child
  11. For rental contracts for dwellings located in areas of Cantabria at risk of depopulation and which are or will be the tenant's principal residence.
  12. For daycare expenses for taxpayers who have their habitual residence in rural areas of Cantabria at risk of depopulation
  13. For the expenses incurred when moving the habitual residence to an area of Cantabria at risk of depopulation for work reasons as an employee or self-employed person.
  14. For investments or donations to Social Economy entities established in Cantabria