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Practical Income Manual 2021.

Autonomous Community of Galicia

Taxpayers who in 2021 had their habitual residence in the territory of the Autonomous Community of Galicia may apply the following regional deductions:

  1. By birth or adoption of children
  2. For large family
  3. For fostering minors
  4. For care of minor children
  5. For taxpayers with disabilities, aged 65 or over, who require help from third parties
  6. For rental of main residence
  7. For expenses aimed at the use of new technologies in Galician homes
  8. By investment in the acquisition of shares or stakes in new or recently created entities
  9. By investment in the acquisition of shares or social participations in new or recently created entities and their financing
  10. By investment in shares of entities listed in the expanding companies segment of the alternative stock market
  11. For donations with the purpose of scientific research and development and technological innovation
  12. For investment in climate control and/or hot water installations that use renewable energy in the primary residence and exclusively for self-consumption
  13. For rehabilitation of real estate located in historic centers
  14. By investment in companies that develop agricultural activities
  15. For certain subsidies and/or aid obtained as a result of the damage caused by the fires that occurred in Galicia during the month of October 2017.
  16. To alleviate the damage caused by the explosion of pyrotechnic material that took place in Tui during the month of May 2018
  17. For energy efficiency improvement works in residential buildings or single-family housing
  18. For the aid and subsidies received by top-level sportsmen and sportswomen in Galicia
  19. For acquisition and rehabilitation of housing in model village projects