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Practical Income Manual 2021.

Amount of additional increase

  • The increase in the deduction may be from up to 83.33 euros for each month of the tax period in that the requirements mentioned above are met simultaneously. beneficiaries, children who qualify for the deduction and custody expenses.

  • For the purposes of calculating the number of months for calculating the increase, the following rules will be taken into account:

    1. The determination of the children will be made according to their situation on the last day of each month .

      Note: However, in the tax period in which the youngest child turns three years old, the number of months of said year will be extended, if the rest of the requirements are met, to the months after reaching said age until the month before that. in which the second cycle of early childhood education can begin.

    2. The registration requirement in the corresponding Social Security or Mutual Insurance regime will be deemed fulfilled when this situation occurs on any day of the month .

    3. The months to be taken into consideration will be exclusively those in which the expenses paid are made per full month.

      For these purposes, the fully contracted months will be understood to be included even if part of them are non-school months.

  • In the event that there are several taxpayers entitled to the application of the increase with respect to the same foster or ward, its amount will be prorated among them in equal parts .