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Practical Income Manual 2021.

Chart: Classification of yields according to their origin

OriginPerformance classExamples
Variable income securities (Shares and other participations in the own funds of any type of entity) Income obtained from participation in own funds of entities
  • Dividends, attendance bonuses at meetings and participation in the profits of entities
  • Constitution or transfer of rights or powers to use or enjoy shares and participations
  • Any profit derived from the status of partner, shareholder, associate or participant
  • Distribution of the share premium and capital reduction with return of contributions in traded securities whose amounts exceed the acquisition value of the respective shares

Fixed income securities and other financial instruments

Own capital transferred to third parties

Agreed or estimated returns from the transfer of own capital to third parties
  • Interest on accounts or deposits
  • Interest and other income from fixed income securities (obligations, bonds)
  • Interest on loans granted
Income derived from operations carried out on financial assets
  • Transmission, amortization, exchange or reimbursement of financial assets, such as:
    • Public Debt Securities (Treasury Bills, State Bonds and Obligations, etc.)
    • Other financial assets
    • Preferred shares and subordinated debt
  • Temporary transfer of financial assets and transfers of credits
Life or disability insurance contracts and capitalization operations Income from life or disability insurance contracts and capitalization operations
  • Survival benefits
  • Retirement benefits
  • Disability benefits
  • Temporary or life income due to capital taxation
Other assets of a movable nature not affected (assets or rights) Other income from movable capital
  • Intellectual property (if the recipient is a person other than the author)
  • Industrial property (*)
  • Technical assistance (*)
  • Leasing of personal property, businesses or mines, as well as those from the sublease received by the sublessor (*)
  • Transfer of the right to exploit the image (*)


(*) Provided that the returns do not derive from affected elements or are obtained in the scope of an economic activity. (Back)