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Practical Income Manual 2021.

General rules

deferred capital is a type of life insurance by which the insurer undertakes to deliver the insured capital at the expiration of the agreed duration period of the contract, as long as the insured person is still alive at that specified time.

a) Full performance

To determine the full return, the following rules apply:

In general:

When deferred capital is received, the return on movable capital will be determined by the difference between the capital received and the amount of premiums paid that have generated the capital that is received. Said performance is subject to withholding on account.

Performance = Perceived capital – ∑ Survival bonuses

In the case of partial redemptions, it will be understood that the amount redeemed corresponds to the oldest premiums including their corresponding profitability.

In particular:

  • In insurance that combines survival with death or disability

    In the case of an insurance contract that combines the contingency of survival with those of death or disability and the capital received corresponds to the contingency of survival, the part of the premiums paid that corresponds to the capital at risk due to death or disability that has been incurred may also be deducted. consumed so far, provided that, throughout the term of the contract, the capital at risk is equal to or less than 5 percent of the mathematical provision. For these purposes, the difference between the insured capital for death or disability and the mathematical provision is considered capital at risk.

    Performance = Capital received – ∑ Survival premiums – ∑ Capital premiums at risk for death or disability consumed (*)

    (*) with the limit of 5% of the mathematical provision

  • In annual renewable insurance

    In the case of annual renewable insurance, only the amount of the current year's premium will be taken into account, as this is what determines the amount of capital to be received.

    Performance = Capital received – Premium for the year

b) Determination of net performance

Since the possibility of applying deductible expenses is not contemplated for this category of income, the full income coincides with the net income.