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Practical Income Manual 2021.

a) Income obtained from the transfer of own capital to third parties

Examples include, among others, the following:

  • Interest on accounts in all types of financial institutions, including those based on operations on financial assets.

  • Interest, coupons and other periodic returns derived from fixed income securities.

  • Interest on financial assets with effective retention of 1.2 percent due to the application of the bonus provided for in the sixth transitional provision of the LIS .

    The particularities of the deductible withholdings corresponding to said income are discussed in Chapter 18.

  • Interest derived from loans granted to third parties.

  • Income derived from temporary transfer operations of financial assets with a repurchase agreement (REPOS). This is the name given to sales operations that include a repurchase commitment, optional or non-optional, that is carried out at an intermediate time between the sale date and the amortization date. The most common "REPOS" are made on State Obligations and Bonds.

  • Income paid by a financial institution as a consequence of the transfer, assignment or transfer, total or partial, of a credit owned by it. The income obtained by the transferee or acquirer is classified in any case as income from movable capital.