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Practical Income Manual 2021.

Valuation of income from movable capital in kind

The recipient must compute, as full income, the result of adding to the market value of the good, right or service received the amount of the payment on account , except in the cases in which said payment on account would have been passed on (Art. 43.2 Law Personal Income Tax ).

The payment on account must be determined by the person or entity paying this type of remuneration by applying the percentage that corresponds to the result of increasing by 20 percent the acquisition value or cost for the payer of the good, right or service delivered (Art. 103 Personal Income Tax Regulation).

The aforementioned data must appear in the certification that, for these purposes, the paying person or entity is obliged to provide to the recipient. In short, the full income corresponding to this type of remuneration will be determined as follows:

Full income = Market value + Account income not passed on


On June 30, 2021, the financial institution “XX” delivers to Ms. BLH, for the imposition of 150,000 euros in a fixed term for 3 years, a computer equipment whose acquisition cost for the banking entity amounted to 1,200 euros. The computer is delivered at the time of taxation. The market value of said computer amounts to 1,800 euros.

Determine the full performance that Ms. BLH must be included in the declaration for this concept.


The full taxable return for the delivery of the computer equipment will be:

  • Market value: 1,800.00
  • further: Deposit on account (19% s/1,440) (1): 273.60
  • Full income: 2,073.60

Note to example:

(1) The payment on account has been determined by the financial institution in accordance with the following detail:

  • Acquisition cost: 1,200.00
  • 20% increase: 240.00
  • Basis of deposit on account: 1,440.00
  • Amount of deposit on account (19% s/1,440): 273.60

The rate of deposit on account applicable in 2021 to income from the transfer of own capital to third parties is 19%. (Back)