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Practical Income Manual 2021.

Other Attribution criteria proposed by the taxpayer

Regulations:Arts.11.2 LIS ; 1 and 2 of Regulation IS

The fiscal effectiveness of criteria for the temporary allocation of income and expenses other than accrual, used exceptionally by the taxpayer to obtain a true image of the assets, the financial situation and the results of their economic activity, is subject to the approval of the themselves by the tax administration.

To this end, taxpayers must submit a request to the Delegation corresponding to their tax domicile, stating the description of the criterion used, as well as its adaptation to the principle of a true and fair view that the annual accounts resulting from their accounting must provide.
Likewise, the taxpayer must explain the impact, for tax purposes, of the temporal imputation criterion.

Note: The use of tax imputation criteria other than accrual or the change of the imputation criteria may not alter the tax classification of the eligible income and deductible expenses, nor cause any collection or payment to stop being computed or to be computed again in another year. .