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Practical Income Manual 2021.

Practical case (determination of net income derived from professional activity in direct estimation, simplified modality)

Don HAV, married to Mrs. ESM under a community regime, he is a radiologist and carries out his professional activity exclusively in a private practice located in premises acquired by the couple.

To determine its net income, it uses the direct (simplified) estimation method and the accrual criterion to allocate the income and expenses of its activity.

The workforce in fiscal year 2021 is one employee. According to the data contained in its record books, the income and expenses corresponding to 2021 are as follows:

Full income

  • Fees for provision of services: 124,000
  • Conferences and publications: 10,800


  • Wages and salaries: 18,900
  • Social Security: 5,900
  • Special Social Security regime for self-employed or self-employed workers of the owner of the activity (RETA): 3,300
  • Purchases radiological and health material: 19,000
  • Financial expenses: 1,100
  • Depreciation of the premises: 2,900
  • Amortization of radiological equipment: 5,000
  • VAT supported on current expenses: 1,600
  • Non-state taxes: 1,700
  • Attendance VI Radiological Congress: 1,000
  • Acquisition of books and medical journals: 1,300
  • Electrical supply: 4,000
  • Water supply: 300
  • Gas supply: 1,000
  • Telephone and Internet supply: 2,500
  • Cleaning of the premises: 4,500
  • Reparations and conservation: 3,800
  • Community receipt (local consultation): 1,700

Likewise, under the concept of “extraordinary income and expenses”, the following items appear:

  • Extraordinary income (consequence of the sale of the premises intended for consultation): 80,900
  • Extraordinary expense (consequence of the sale of X-ray equipment): 7,200

Other data of interest

  • Within the amounts recorded in the "Fees for providing services" heading, no amount is included for 10 x-rays performed on your son in March 2021. The average market price for each similar x-ray is 60 euros.

  • "Conferences and publications" involve the taxpayer's own organization of means of production with the purpose of intervening in the production and distribution of services, with the transfer of copyrights existing with regard to publications.

  • In "Salaries and salaries" there are 1,200 euros given to her spouse for the services provided as an assistant in the clinic during the month of vacation of the employee who has provided her services in the clinic since 2002.

  • The amortizations carried out correspond to the effective depreciation of the elements of property, plant and equipment.

  • The initial stocks of inventoriable products amounted to 13,100 euros, and the final stocks amounted to 16,100 euros.

  • "Extraordinary income and expenses" respond, respectively, to the profit obtained from the sale of the premises in which the consultation was installed and the loss derived from the sale of an X-ray machine.

  • The remaining income not exempt from personal income tax obtained by the taxpayer in 2021 amounted to 1,500 euros.


InformationSubjectRegistered valuesTax values
Revenues Fee 124,000 124,000 
Self-consumption -- 600 (1)
Conferences 10,800 10,800 (2)
Variation of existences 3,000 3,000 (3)
Total income 137,800 138,400
Bills Wages and salaries 18,900 17,700 (4)
Social Security 5,900 5,900
Special System for Self-Employed Workers 3,300 3,300
Shopping 19,000 19,000 (5)
Acquisition of books and magazines 1,300 1,300
Financial expenses 1,100 1,100
Provisions for the year for amortization of property, plant and equipment (premises and radiological equipment) 7,900 7,900 (6)
Input VAT 1,600 1,600 (7)
Non-state taxes 1,700 1,700
Supply (electricity, water, gas, telephone and internet 7,800 7,800
Conservation repair 3,800 3,800
Cleaning of the premises (other exterior services) 4,500 4,500
Community/consultation receipts (other external services) 1,700 1,700
Assistance VI Congress (Other tax deductible concepts) 1,000 1,000
Total spends 79,500 78,300 (8)
Set of deductible provisions and expenses that are difficult to justify -- 2,000 (9)
Net performance 58,300 58,100
Reduced net yield 58,100 (10)
Total reduced net yield 58,100 (eleven)

Notes to the table:

(1) The income must include 600 euros, for self-consumption, when valuing the 10 x-rays performed on your son at market price. (Back)

(2) The amounts received for "Conferences and publications" are considered income from the professional activity carried out by the taxpayer. (Back)

(3) The variation between the initial inventories (13,100) and the final ones (16,100) determines an increase of 3,000 euros at the end of the year compared to the beginning, that is, a positive variation that must appear as full income within the heading “Variation in inventories ( increase in final stocks)". (Back)

(4) Of the amount recorded in "salaries and salaries", 1,200 euros given to your spouse for the provision of work in the consultation during the month of July do not have this character, as the legally required requirements for this are not met. These requirements refer especially to the regularity and continuity in the provision of work, as well as the existence of an employment contract and affiliation to the corresponding Social Security regime. (Back)

(5) Purchases appear for their total amount as a deductible expense. However, to determine the radiological and health material consumed in the year, this heading is completed with the “Valuation of stocks” (which will appear as income when the value of the final stocks is greater than the value of the initial ones and as an expense when the opposite occurs, that is, the valuation of the final stocks is lower than that of the initial ones).

In this case, the variation in stock has been included as it is positive as income (+3,000) and material purchases as expenses (-19,000), which determines the material consumed (16,000) by difference.

For these purposes, it must be taken into account that to determine the radiological and health material consumed in the year, the following operation must be carried out: 13,100 (initial stock) + 19,000 (purchases made) – 16,100 (final stocks) = 16,000 euros (purchases consumed).

In this case, the variation in stock has been included as it is positive as income (+3,000) and material purchases as expenses (-19,000), which determines by difference the material consumed (-16,000). (Back)

(6) The amortizations carried out correspond to the effective depreciation of the fixed assets, so their amount constitutes a tax-deductible expense. (Back)

(7) The input VAT is deducted as an expense because it is an activity exempt from this tax, which does not give the right to deduct the input taxes. (Back)

(8) Despite both the consultation premises and the The quantification and taxation of capital gains derived from the transfer of affected assets is discussed in Chapter 11 "Equity gains and losses" of this Manual. (Back)

(9) Being in the simplified direct estimation modality, you can deduct 5 percent of the positive net return in general for deductible provisions and expenses that are difficult to justify (the positive difference between full income and other tax-deductible expenses), with the limit of 2,000 euros per year. In this case, you may deduct 2,000 euros when this amount exceeds 5% of your net income: 5%(135,400 – 72,000) = 3,170 euros. (Back)

(10) As there are no returns with a generation period of more than two years or that are considered to have been obtained in a notoriously irregular manner over time, the reduced net return from the activity coincides with the net return which amounts to 61,400 euros. (Back)

(eleven) The total reduced net income coincides with the reduced net income that amounts to 61,400 euros since it does not meet the requirements for the application of the reduction for the exercise of certain economic activities of article 32.2.1 of the Income Tax Law which, if applicable, would have been incompatible with the 5% deduction (with a maximum amount of 2,000 euros) for all deductible provisions and expenses that are difficult to justify referred to in article 30.2. 4 of the Personal Income Tax Law). It also does not meet the requirements to apply the reductions of article 32.2.3 and 32.3 of the Personal Income Tax Law . (Back)