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Practical Income Manual 2022.

Deductible expenses

Regulations: Articles 26.1 b) Law Personal Income Tax and 20 Regulation Personal Income Tax

In the following cases:

  • Income from the provision of technical assistance.

  • Income from the rental of personal property, businesses or mines.

  • Income from the sublease received by the sublessor.

The expenses necessary to obtain it, as well as the amount of deterioration suffered by the assets or rights from which the income comes, will be deductible from the full income.

For these purposes, deductible expenses are considered to be those provided as such for the income from real estate capital discussed in the previous chapter, with the exception that it is not applicable the limit provided for interest and other financing costs and repair and conservation costs, which in this case may give rise to negative returns.

Likewise, in the determination of deductible expenses there is no place for the depreciation of the real estate that is going to be subleased, since it is necessary that the depreciation falls on real estate owned by the taxpayer, which does not happen in the case of subletting.