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Practical Income Manual 2022.

e. Insurance premiums

The amounts paid in insurance premiums must be included within this concept, except those that refer to the company's personnel.

Furthermore, for the purposes of determining the deductible amounts, the following special rule of Personal Income Tax for expenses for health insurance premiums, which we discuss below, must be taken into account.

Specialties in the Personal Income Tax of expenses for health insurance premiums of the taxpayer and his family

Regulations: Art. 30.2.5.a) Law Personal Income Tax

In accordance with article 30.2.5.a) of the Personal Income Tax Law, the health insurance premiums paid by the taxpayer in the part corresponding to their own coverage are considered a deductible expense for the determination of net income in direct estimation. and that of his spouse and children under twenty-five years of age who live with him.

In the case of children with disabilities, no exception is provided for age, so it is necessary that they live with the taxpayer and be under 25 years of age.

The maximum deduction limit will be:

  • 500 euros for each of the people mentioned above
  • 1,500 euros for each one of them with disabilities