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Practical Income Manual 2022.

Concept and scope of application

Regulations: Articles 16. 2 b), 31 and additional thirty-sixth and thirty-second transitional provisions Law Personal Income Tax ; 32 and ss . Regulation Personal Income Tax and Order HFP /1335/2021

The objective estimation method for determining the net performance of economic activities other than agriculture, livestock and forestry, has as its main characteristic that it ignores the real flows of income and expenses produced in the development of the activity. Instead, certain objective indicators are applied that represent the basic structural economic characteristics of each sector of economic activity (signs, indices or modules), which are previously approved by Order of the Minister of Finance (currently Minister of Finance and Public Service ).

  1. Economic activities carried out directly by natural persons
  2. Economic activities carried out through entities under the income attribution regime
  3. Activities included in fiscal year 2022 in the objective estimation method