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Practical Income Manual 2022.

Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands

Taxpayers who in 2022 have had their habitual residence in the territory of the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands may apply the following regional deductions:

  1. For donations with ecological purposes
  2. For donations for the rehabilitation or conservation of the historical heritage of the Canary Islands
  3. For donations and contributions for cultural, sports, research or teaching purposes
  4. For donations to non-profit entities
  5. Documentary justification of the previous regional deductions for donations
  6. For amounts allocated by their owners to the restoration, rehabilitation or repair of real estate declared of cultural interest
  7. For study expenses
  8. For study expenses in early childhood education, primary education, compulsory secondary education, baccalaureate and mid-level vocational training
  9. For moving the habitual residence to another island of the Archipelago to carry out an employed work activity or an economic activity
  10. For cash donations to descendants or adoptees under 35 years of age for the acquisition or rehabilitation of their first habitual home
  11. By birth or adoption of children
  12. For taxpayers with disabilities and those over 65 years of age
  13. For fostering minors
  14. For single parent families
  15. For daycare expenses
  16. For large family
  17. For investment in habitual residence
  18. For energy rehabilitation works and renovation of the habitual residence
  19. For works to adapt the habitual residence for people with disabilities
  20. For rental of habitual residence
  21. For rental of habitual residence linked to certain dación en pago operations
  22. For expenses on credit insurance premiums to cover non-payment of rent on housing leases (landlord deduction)
  23. By unemployed taxpayers
  24. For illness expenses (general)
  25. For dependent family members with disabilities
  26. For personal, family and disability minimum for residents on the island of La Palma
  27. Due to uprooting due to the volcanic eruption of the island of La Palma
  28. For the temporary and free transfer of use of properties located on the island of La Palma
  29. For illness expenses for residents on the island of La Palma
  30. Due to the price increase
  31. Common limits and formal obligations to apply deductions