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VAT practical manual 2021.

Technical exemptions

The following operations are exempt

  • Deliveries of goods that have been used by the transferor in carrying out exempt operations, provided that the taxable person has not been granted the right to deduct all or part of the tax incurred in the acquisition of such goods or their component elements.

    This exemption will not apply:

  1. To deliveries of investment goods during their regularization period.


    A type B amusement machine operating company sells several vans that it acquired more than 5 years ago and that it uses to transport said machines.

    The operation of type B recreational machines is an exempt operation. The vans are used to carry out exempt operations and, therefore, due to their acquisition, the company was not able to deduct the input VAT . In this case the delivery will be exempt, since the van (investment asset) is delivered once the deduction regularization period has elapsed.

  2. To deliveries of real estate exempt from the tax because they are non-buildable land, and second or subsequent deliveries of buildings.


    A doctor sells the premises where he had his practice, acquired 11 years ago, to a businessman who has the right to a full tax deduction. The purchaser asks the doctor to waive the exemption and he agrees.

    The waiver of the exemption is correct, since the applicable exemption is that of real estate operations (subject to waiver) and not the technical exemption.

  • Deliveries of goods whose acquisition would have determined the total exclusion of the right to deduct input VAT.