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VAT practical manual 2021.


1. Determination of the tax base operation by operation

Taxpayers who meet the requirements that we will see later have two alternatives in each of their operations:

  1. Apply the special regime to your deliveries:

    1. VAT will be charged on transfers, applying the tax rate corresponding to the good delivered, applying a special procedure for determining the tax base.

    2. The VAT borne in the acquisition of resold goods is not deductible, without prejudice to the deduction of the remaining fees borne in the exercise of its activity (telephone, rentals, repairs, etc.) .

    3. The tax base will be the profit margin.

  2. Apply the general tax regime. Without the need for communication, they may not apply the special regime to their deliveries, which means that:

    1. They must pass on the VAT on the entire consideration.

    2. They can deduct the fees that they may have incurred in the acquisition of the resold goods, although without being able to make the deduction until the corresponding deliveries are accrued.

2. Determination of the tax base globally.

When the taxable person has opted to determine the tax base using the global profit margin, he must determine by this procedure the tax base of all supplies of goods to which the application of said global margin regime refers, without being able to apply the general tax regime with respect to such deliveries.