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Practical Handbook VAT 2021

Conditions for applying the special system

The special regime of the group of entities applies when this is agreed individually by the entities opting for its application.

The option has a minimum validity of three years, provided that the requirements are met for applying the special regime, and will automatically be renewed unless waived.

In any case, the application of the special regime will be conditional on its application by the parent entity.

The resolutions referred to in the preceding paragraph shall be adopted by the Boards of Directors, or bodies exercising an equivalent function, of the respective entities before the beginning of the calendar year in which the special scheme is to apply.

Failure to adopt the resolutions referred to above in due time and form will make it impossible for the entities in which the resolution is not adopted to apply the special regime for the group of entities, without prejudice to its application, where applicable, to the rest of the entities in the group.