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VAT practical manual 2021.

Concept of investment gold

The following are considered investment gold:

  1. Gold ingots or sheets with a value equal to or greater than 995 thousandths and whose weight complies with the provisions of the ninth section of the annex to the VAT Law .

  2. Gold coins that meet the following requirements:

    1. That they are of a law equal to or greater than 900 thousandths.

    2. That have been minted after the year 1800.

    3. That are or have been legal tender in their country of origin.

    4. That they are usually marketed for a price no higher than 80 percent of the market value of the gold contained in them.

In any case, it is understood that these requirements are met with respect to the gold coins included in the list published in the "Official Journal of the European Union" before December 1 of each year. These coins will be considered to meet the requirements to be considered investment gold during the calendar year following that in which they are published or in subsequent years as long as those previously published are not modified.