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VAT practical manual 2021.

Result of the simplified regime

Once the fee derived from the simplified regime has been calculated, the payments on account made during the year must be deducted.

The fee derived from the simplified regime must be increased by the amount of the fees accrued in the following operations:

  • Intra-community acquisitions of goods.

  • Deliveries of tangible fixed assets and transmission of intangible fixed assets.

  • Operations with reversal of the taxable subject.

Likewise, the amount of fees borne or paid in the acquisition or import of fixed assets intended for the development of the activity may be deducted. The deduction of these contributions can be made in accordance with the general rules established in article 99 of the Tax Law, in the self-assessment corresponding to the settlement period in which they have been borne or satisfied or in subsequent ones, with the limits established in said article. However, when the businessman or professional settles in the self-assessment of the last period of the year the fees corresponding to intra-community acquisitions of fixed assets or to acquisitions of such assets with reversal of the taxable person, the deduction of said fees may not be made in a self-assessment prior to the one in which such fees are settled.

In the case of vehicle acquisition, the rules for deductibility of VAT installments are the same in both the general and simplified regimes, with no differences regarding the need for allocation and presumptions, and without prejudice to the possible request for a VAT refund, by transporters, taxi drivers and couriers using form 308.