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Practical Handbook VAT 2022

7.Simplified and agriculture, livestock and fisheries regimes

A. Exclusionary limits

Article 64 of Law 22/2021, of 28 December, on the General State Budget for 2022, with effect from 1 January 2022 and indefinite validity, amends the thirteenth transitional provision of the Law on VAT, in order to extend for 2022 the exclusion limits on the application of the simplified and special VAT regimes for agriculture, livestock and fisheries:

  1. In the case of simplified regime, volume of income in the immediately preceding year:

    • All activities except agriculture, forestry and livestock farming:250,000 euros.
    • Agricultural, forestry and livestock activities:250,000 euros.
  2. In the case of REAGP, volume of income in the immediately preceding year:

    • Activities covered by the REAGP:250,000 euros.
    • Remaining activities:250,000 euros.

At both regimes, the volume of acquisitions and imports of goods and services in the immediately preceding year, excluding fixed assets:250,000 euros.

B. Deadline for submitting resignations or revocations for the year 2022

The deadline for the withdrawal from the simplified and the agriculture, livestock and fisheries schemes and the revocation thereof, which are to take effect for the year 2022, is from 30 December 2021 to 31 January 2022.

The renunciations and revocations presented for the year 2022 to the special simplified and agriculture, livestock and fishing regimes during the month of December 2021, prior to 30 December 2021, are understood to have been presented during the working period, and the option made within the period mentioned in the previous paragraph may be modified.

However, the waiver shall be deemed to have been made when the tax return-settlement corresponding to the first quarter of the calendar year in which it is to take effect applying the general system is filed within the deadline.In the case of commencement of the activity, the renunciation shall also be deemed to have been made when the first return to be submitted by the taxable person after the commencement of the activity is submitted within the time limit under the general scheme.

The renunciation of the simplified special scheme and the special VAT scheme for agriculture, livestock and fisheries shall be effective for a minimum period of three years.However:

  • The waiver for the financial year 2021 shall not preclude their reapplication in 2022.

  • The waiver for for the financial year 2020, does not prevent you from reapplying them in the financial years 2021 or 2022.